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Dec 19, 2012 2:00pm PST
up, quinton tarantino has a new movie on christmas day. is it responsible for bloodshed in america? that debate ahead on "the five." ♪ ♪ >>> you kill people. they give you a reward. >> how do you like the bounty hunting business? >> this was a clip from the new movie "django unchanged." after friday's shooting, they were asked about the role hollywood plays in encouraging real-life violence. >> it's horrible tragedy. what are you going to say about it? it's horrible. i don't think it has anything to do with that. this has gone to shakespeare day. violence on the street. >> we have to start a dialogue with the people that are going through this. it has to be some type of compassion. >> dana: when i think of quinton tarantino i immediately think shakespeare. >> greg: i love actors put on the thoughtful voice. that it's not crazy funny anymore. the japanese has very little gun violence in the culture and they have the sickest, violent movious will see. i know because i watch them. i don't think the movies bear responsibility for this. but they glorify cool. in the old days it was
FOX News
Dec 19, 2012 11:00pm PST
amazing to get to. coming up, quinton tarantino has a new movie on christmas day. is it responsible for bloodshed in america? that debate ahead on "the five." ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is amy. amy likes to invest in the market. she also likes to ride her bike. she knows the potential for making or losing money can pop up anytime. that's why she trades with the leader in mobile trading. so she's always ready to take action, no matter how wily... or weird... or wonderfully the market's behaving... which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >>> you kill people. they give you a reward. >> how do you like the bounty hunting business? >> this was a clip from the new movie "django unchanged." after friday's shooting, they were asked about the role hollywood plays in encouraging real-life violence. >> it's horrible tragedy. what are you going to say about it? it's horrible. i don't think it has anything to do with that. this has gone to shakespeare day. violence on the street. >> we have to start a dialogue with the people that are going through this. it h
Dec 21, 2012 11:00pm PST
>> rose: welcome to the program. tonight, a conversation it c direor quentin tarantino. his new film is called "django unchained." >> i wanted to give this time of story of a black in that time period, when he was considered three-fifths of a human, and he was able to go all the way to the pit of hell to extract his woman, his princess in exile, who is basically locked in the tower of the evil kingdom by the evil ruler and get her out. and play it-- and give it the spaghetti western operatic view of the whole thing, the bigness of opera, the hugeness of a folkloric legend. >> rose: tarantino for the hour next. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: quentin tarantino loves all kinds of movie, but the spaghetti western has long been his favorite. he said when he would finally make one it would be in the sergio carbochy universe. now teeno has helmed a spaghetti western set against backdrop of american slavery. it is called "django unchained." here is the trailer. >> good, cold evening gentlemen. i'm led to beli
Dec 25, 2012 4:00am PST
." [gunshot > > this is a western with quentin tarantino directing. > > with, also, leonardo dicaprio, jamie foxx, and christoph waltz. tarantino a couple of years ago had "inglourious basterds," which was his biggest hit to date, and a year after that, another western, "true grit," the cohen brothers remake, opened at christmas and did tremendously well on its path to a lot of oscar nominations. i think it is going to be the same for "django" as well. > > and now we will see what the weinsteins can do with a wide start. moving on to "les mis," this has some blockbuster powerful names behind it: anne hathaway, hugh jackman, russell crowe... > > this is going to be a big holiday event, because it is the first time that the stage musical, "les miserables," has been adapted for the screen. it is director tom hooper's first film since he won the oscar for "the king's speech," best picture. i think both hugh jackman and anne hathaway are going to be sort of in play for best actor, best supporting actress nominations. > > wow. > > so i think there is going to be a lot of interest in the movie, and
Dec 27, 2012 9:00am EST
him about working with director quenton tarantino. >> what is the tarantino experience? >> i was thinking about if i'm a filmmaker some day, what kind of mark am i going to put on film history? when you go into a quentin tarantino set, you are the writer and director and encompassed in everything. >> tarantino's script for "django unchained" gained nearly myth logical status for the violent telling of the story of early american slavery. >> when the screen play came out and everyone was reading it in hollywood and talking about the subject matter and how far it went, it was the talk of the town, how daring it was and how audacious and hard core it was. >> audacious and hard core don't begin to describe dicaprio's character in "django." calvin candy is a ruthless mississippi plantation owner hanging on desperately to an era whooz end is near. >> you took us to an incredible scene in the dining room where you give the physiological justification for white supremacy. >> sort of explains his scientific viewpoint on race. it's totally de ranged and roulsz and absurd, but it's what
Dec 24, 2012 5:00am EST
the envelope which is what tarantino is known to do. christopher waltz plays dr. king schultz. it's interesting. the development of this role because while -- [ inaudible ] the character of dr. schultz he created for the man who won the academy -- [ inaudible ] >> another violent film. >> we know that about tarantino. there's no surprise here. you saw -- this is a very violent movie. the "n" word is in every other sentence. >> if he was having so many problems, even getting the film together in time, it's christmas time. why not wait for jannieway despite what's happened in newtown. it's christmas time. shouldn't we be thinking happy films right now? >> quinton tarantino is always quinton tarantino 365 days a year. christmas will not change this man. i saw the movie. i think it's not a movie for everyone but this is an excellent movie. it is an excellent fairy tale revenge take on the spaghetti westerns of old. >> there's a moral to the story? >> there's moral to the story and there is a satisfaction that you will get at the end of the movie, but it -- it's a very long movie. it's so long that
Dec 27, 2012 4:00am PST
impressive. and quentin tarantino's "django unchained" did about $15 million, which is the third highest christmas day opening ever. so people clearly went out and were very interested in these two movies. > very cool. "les mis" is one of the most beloved musicals out there. how are fans of the musical going to like this film adaptation? > > i think they are going to be very pleased with the adaptation. it is a very good film. people who are just general fans of the play i think are going to be very happy with the presentation of it, the actors, and the singing. anne hathaway is going to win the oscar for best supporting actress, i think that train has already left the station. > very cool. one other thing i should note, i saw it, and i appreciated being able to follow the story a lot better in the film version, and also the lyrics, i could understand the lyrics a little bit better than in a theater. > > tom hooper kind of plays the film almost more like an opera more than sort of a musical, there are not a lot of big dance numbers and camera movements. the anne hathaway number that ever
Dec 27, 2012 5:00pm PST
surrounding quentin tarantino's latest film "django unchained." the film has been criticized for its frequent use of the n word, its graphic violence, and its depiction of american slavery. director spike lee, who has been critical of tarantino's use of racial slurs in the past, says he won't even see it. >> the only thing i'm going to say it is it would be disrespectful to my ancestors to see that film. and that's the only thing i'm going to say. i can't disrespect my ancestors. >> lee went on to say american slavery was not a sergio leone spaghetti western. it was a holocaust. my ancestors are slaves. stolen from africa. i will honor them." as promised, i saw the film today. and i must tell you that it was a fascinating study of slavery and the extraordinary capacity of an exceptional individual to embody the best traits and the aspirations of the group. there are problems with that exceptionalism to be sure, but i would ask my very dear friend spike lee, see the film first before making criticism because people have dismissed my books without reading them. if my book you do not read please
Dec 22, 2012 12:00am PST
. >> rose: quentin tarantino loves all kinds of movie, but the spaghetti western has long been his favorite. he said when he would finally make one it would be in the sergio carbochy universe. now teeno has helmed a spaghetti western set against backdrop of american slavery. it is called "django unchained." here is the trailer. >> good, cold evening gentlemen. i'm led to believe the specimen i came to acquire. ♪ when i hear the trumpet sound ♪ >> what's your name? >> django. >> and you're exact let's one i'm looking for. >> hey, stop talking to him. >> calm down. i'm simply a customer trying to conduct a transaction. >> last chance fancy pants. >> very well. ♪ ♪ >> you kill people and they give you a reward. >> they are big on the reward. i need your help. i'm looking for the brittle brothers. i don't know what they look like, but you do, don't you? >> they got my wife and they sold her but i don't know who took her. >> that means we visit every plantation until we find her. >> once the final burden, brother,alize dead in the dust, i agree to give you your freedom, and i'll take yo
Dec 12, 2012 4:00pm PST
seven times. >> seven times yeah. >> cenk: do you believe him that he's concerned that tarantino is prejudice against black people? >> absolutely not. but someone who is such an proponent of second amendment rights is taking issue of violence in the film, and one of the critiques of the right wing is this is a hyper violent movie, but if you look at tarantino's work that's one of the hallmarks of his movie. and we have people who are actively promoting gun rights. i think this is totally a way for him to inflame his audience and give them something to be upset about. they're just continue to go spew the hatred that they're critiquing tanner tarantino in his film. >> cenk: everyone is here, ana jayar, michael as well. i want to ask one question, and it might be controversial, but in "inglorious bastards," he kills the nazis. at that time i would have wanted to kill the nazis. if i was a slave i would want to kill the people who were enslaving me. >> it seems straightforward. when it comes to drudge's headline, it's seeking attention. it doesn't matter where it comes, friend or foe
Dec 26, 2012 8:00pm PST
lee's beef with quintin tarantino's slavery saga "django." >>> and "zero dark thirty" keeps getting better. the fact from the fiction ahead. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... ...lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. customer erin swenson bought so, i'm happy. today.u. sales go up... i'm happy. it went out today... i'm happy. what if she's not home? (together) she won't be happy. use ups! she can get a text alert, reroute... even reschedule her package. it's ups my choice. are you happy? i'm happy. i'm happy. i'm happy. i'm happy. i'm happy. happy. happy. happy. happy. (together) happy. i love logistics. >>> welcome back. i hope the senator enjoyed every glass of milk as he made his way across the u.s. this christmas. if congress doesn't act by december 31st, many americans may not be able to afford his favorite beverage next year. if he renews support f
Dec 29, 2012 9:00am EST
controversial. it's really bloody. the thing about it is, if you like quentin tarantino's other movies then you most likely will like this movie. if you are easily offended then you probably won't like this movie. it's almost three hours in length, but it flies by so quickly. i love quentin tarantino's writing ability. the way he writes is just awesome. it sounds like music sometimes. the performances here are top notch. i think leo dicaprio, the character has this cheeky nice side but in certain situations they get so angry and fierce. i love that about it. i love this movie. >> i loved this movie, too. if you saw inglorious bass tarreds, it was his retelling of world war ii and the holocaust getting revenge against hitler. if only history was super cool. and this is the case on slavery basically. like wouldn't it be awesome if a freed slave came back and just whipped some major butt on the slave owners? so that's jamie foxx in the django role. the performances across the board are amazing. an unrecognized voice is samuel jackson who plays the sort of house slave to the leo dicaprio's plantati
Dec 19, 2012 12:00am PST
to poison and destroy his brothers, just so you know. he re-teams with quentin tarantino in the new movie "django unchained", which opens in theaters christmas day, >> you need to be on his blind side. huh? >> i said you said you ain't no him. >> i don't. >> yes, you do. >> i don't. >> why is you lying to me? >> i ain't. >> then why is you crying? >> you're scaring me. >> why is i'm scaring you? >> because you're scary. >> jimmy: please say hello to samuel l. jackson. [ cheers and applause ] that's some jacket you got there. >> thank you very much. >> i'm italian, and when's it's open, it kind of says -- i'm a little bit offended. >> i can help you out. >> that's a good looking jacket. i can't wait the see this movie. i have to say, i love quentin taranti tarantino. i see the movie's got 100% positive ratings on rotten tomatoes, which is very rare. >> it's killing it. it's the combination of a spaghetti western. hong kong bullet ballet. it's awesome. and it's a love story. >> jimmy: and a love story, too. obviously the subject matter is very serious. >> it happens to be a cowboy movie tha
Dec 30, 2012 10:00pm PST
. ,,,,,,,,,,,, tarantino and "les miz" co't knock "the hobbit" off its x office perch. the fantasy epic was number one for a third weeka row. "the hobbit: an unexpected journey" took >>> even kwint tarrantino, the hobbit took in almost $33 million. jiang oh and change and musical les miserables. >> 2012 was the year we say good-bye to legendary entertainers, sports star writers and heroes and her ions oines. >> ♪ [ music ] ♪ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, vikings beat the green bay packers today... ...that met if the 49ers could close out arizona...they would not on win the nfc west but also g first round bye.... jim harbaugh a >>> the minnesota viekkings beat the packers today. jim is looking for the division. cardinals jump out to 6 out. mike trade a 49-yard. 9ers took the lead. 2 76 yards. it was 17-6. san francisco, no. 51 for his career, an all time king. 9ers win 27-13. >> it's a 24 to 7 lead. raiders brought them back. it was less that 2 minutes left. the raiders are down 24-2 1. no time outs left. san diego recovers and they win. 4-12. back to 49ers. playoff tickets go on sale via ticket master tomorro
Dec 24, 2012 11:00pm PST
a preview of this week's new releases. >> quentin tarantino's leaslatest project takes people to the deep south with jimmie foxx on a dangerous mission with leonardo to cabriole. this also stars several jackson, and it is rated r. >> les miserables is set in paris with anne hathaway and hugh jackman ...and 21st century kids are left in charge with bette midler and billy crystal. it's the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year. we'll be bringing you the best parties and fireworks on 'new year's live.' i'll be hosting along with gary radnich. kron 4's - new year's live. starts at 11-30 on new years eve. stay tuned -- we'll be right back! welcome back everyone. the 49ers no longer control their own destiny in terms of getting that first round not after jim harbaugh suffered his worst loss as an nfl head coach42-13 to the seahawks. a 42-13 drubbing to the red hot seahawks who now must be considered one of the top three teams in the league. and just how valuable defensive lineman justin smith? - in the six quarters he has missed the 49ers have yielded a whopping 70 points, going back
Dec 29, 2012 12:35am EST
tarantino will be here! but jimmy fallon happening right now. jimmy, take it away! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center, the national broadcasting company presents -- tonight's guests are -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and here he is -- jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television -- captions by vitac -- ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hey, welcome. welcome, everybody. thank you for being here. i feel the love. thank you very much. welcome. welcome, welcome to "late night with jimmy fallon." you guys, we have a great show. it's going to be really fun. hopefully we get to make you laugh tonight. we've got a lot of fun things. i'm very excited about this. the new movie "the hobbit: an unexpected journey" came out today. yeah. [ cheers and applause ] but i heard it was almost three hours long. marking the first time people were like, "yeah, i'm going to save myself some time and just read the book." [ laughter ] so, i'm just going to -- three hours is --" [ applause ] listen to t
Dec 22, 2012 7:00am PST
by the end of the film, was one of the characters was not actually evil. tarantino was exploring not antisemitism emanating from this person's heart or the banality or plasticity of evil. what we saw here was the notion that everyone was terribly evil so that means you can go on a mass murder spree and again, without spoilers, i think people who see this movie will see that it's not only the evil slave masters who die. there are other people who die and so in the end, as i -- >> they are part of the infrastructure of slavery. as jamie foxx said he doesn't go on a killing spree of any white person he encounters. he goes on a killing spree of people who are part of the infrastructure -- >> yes. >> there was one moment where he has a moment of clarity, should he kill one person or not. won't give it away. >> without giving it away. >> without giving it away, my response to that is there's a legal principle of self-protection and he by the end sacrifices that and i don't think tarantino works well -- >> hold on. one second. hold on. we will let two words, then -- >> matt turner. this
Dec 30, 2012 11:00pm PST
. tarantino's "django unchained" opened ia strong second place, with ny >>> the "the hobbit" could not be taken off of the top list. "unchained" opened in 2nd place. les miserables was in 3rd place. >>> secissity software maker macafee expects it to expand. the company is concerned about so-called ransom -- mcafee expects it toebgs pand. the company is concerned about cocalled ransomware. the hacking of digital wallets. back back ,,,,,, s ,,,,,,,,,,,, the document aimed at freei slaves-- was signed by abram lincoln 150 years ago this . it went into effect january, >>> finally tonight, a rare look at the document aimed at freeing slaves was signed by abraham lincoln 150 years ago this week. it went into effect january 1st, 1863. it will go on display at the national archives in washington, d.c. new year's day. in michigan last year people waited up to 8 hours to see it. >> when you see thousands of people waiting in line in the dark, in the cold, or the heat you know that they are not this just for words on paper. >> the document is double sided so only part of what is shown is auth
Dec 30, 2012 9:00pm PST
is make who. >> quentin tarantino if loving you is wrong, i don't wanna be right ♪ [ abrupt record scratch, music stops ] what!? it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, 100% whole grain oats... and that sweet honey taste. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy. [ female announcer ] find your favorite and fall in love with the great taste of cheerios. cheese plate? cheese plate...nope. i made something better. ♪ you used the oven? boom ♪ [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. >> lisa: coming up at 11:00 over on channel 7:00, fiscal cliff continues in washington tonight. lawmakers reach one deal that will affect our wallets snst. ♪ >> music proves to be good medicine for recovering george h.w. bush. >> a kiss at midnight and dropping of the ball. for buidists it it's the riski
Dec 22, 2012 2:00pm PST
firing into a crowd. the company reacted similarly, canceling the screen of the new quentin tarantino film. a blood soaked revenge fantasy set in the pre-civil war south. television needs episodes of two popular animated shows, family guy and american dad, both of which showed them play. -- gun play. radio station stop playing a hit single by the senior keisha titled "die young." >> we gathered as a nation to pray for the victims. >> president obama says to prevent future atrocities they must do some soul-searching about how to entertain it. >> and all too often glorifies guns. >> i am the founder of the eastern congo initiative. >> he is acting as a spokesperson for a variety of causes. these stars have spoken out about gun control until now. on friday 65 entertainers including some of the biggest names in u.s. show business posted an online video with a simple message. >>, umar colleges, classrooms? >>, more houses of faith? how many more streetcorners? >> it does not call for policy changes. it was produced on behalf of an organization lobbying for strict background checks. they ar
Dec 27, 2012 7:00am EST
in a screen play. >> leonardo dicaprio hated his character from the moment quentin tarantino handed him the script. >> rotting from the inside, a louie the 14th brought into the world of entitlement and lived his life essentially owning other people and having his life be dependent on other people's lives. it was an incredible colorful character. i had to play him. >> what did you say, boy? >> calm down, butch. no offense given. >> none taken. >> tarantino called mississippi plantation boss calvin candy the first villian he's written who he didn't like. >> for dicaprio, the skin of a vicious slave owner was an uncomfortable place to be. >> roscoe, a beer for the man with the beard and i will have a polynesian pearl. do not spare the rum. >> you have to play somebody who doesn't even deem other people as human. you're working with other actors you respect and you have to go in there and essentially cut them off. and treat them as a subspecies to you. it was a very hard switch for me to make. >> we weren't talking business yet, we were discussing my curiosity. >> you did have some early r
Dec 26, 2012 9:00am EST
watch in some ways but there's also laughter. it's a good movie but it's a tarantino film. be forewarned. >> les mis was wonderful if you love the music. they did a beautiful job. >> django, if you love tarantino, you'll love that movie. >>> hand bell choir covering adele's "rolling in the deep" performed by the hand bell ensemble out of morganville, new jersey. let's watch. ♪ >> that's pretty cool. did they audition, apparently, to get in? >> yes. these are skilled bell ringers. >> high degree of difficulty on that one. >> as we sit here watching i'm going to say one time this is delicious. i'm going to start drinking this -- >> first time i've had it this season. thank you for bringing it. >> i'm going to have it in the summer. >> we'll have it a couple of days, apparently. >> eggnog. [ woman ] weighing myself in times square is a little frightening. i weigh myself naked. can i take my clothes off, too? [ woman ] oh, i don't want to look. ♪ [ woman ] let's get it over with. ♪ satisfaction! satisfaction! pizzazz! pizzazz! confidence. i like it! joy! [ female announ
Dec 26, 2012 2:40am PST
tarantino. spike lee, no stranger to controversy. of course, he's also said some things about this film, he's made some very, very strong films with african-american leads. he's come out and said i think for me, i'm not going to -- i think for me it would be disrespectful to my ancestors to see that film. so spike lee speaking out very vocally about this. >> a lot of stars in the film, too. you have a lot of hollywood a-listers. >> and there's a little history there between quentin tarantino and spike lee. somehow spike lee found time to get into this controversy while sitting courtside watching the new york knicks. >> so the next story is one that we -- has everyone talking. >> we've been talking about this during the break. what would a late night news cast be without another sex tape? as soon as i said that, can you hear that? that is the sound of every single one of our male viewers getting out pen and paper to see if we are going to give them the url. we are not. but here is the latest sex tape. it has to do with chad ocho cinco. apparently he's starring in a sex tape leaked online. a
Dec 31, 2012 4:00am PST
sales. clinton tarantino django and change came in second. les miserable was third. >> people are afluter over the kardashian clan taking to twitter to confirm reports that kiam kardashian is pregnant. >> the father kanye was is as with the one was bill the beans to a crowd of cause and a leg city. >> entertainment news out the reports that chemicals we salon in her pregnancy. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news we're just hours away from falling off the so-called fiscal cliff congress is to set to meet again today will have the latest from washington. >> and secretary of state hillary clinton has been hospitalized after doctors discovered a blood clot. we will have the latest on her condition coming up. >> plus we're watching your bay area weather on this new year's eve as well as your morning commute. >> we will be right back on the kron 4 >> it is very light traffic conditions of side. your quick commute check shows you that that is exactly what we have. in a state 5 a through altman pass way are very light right now. >> new this morning. two people are in the hospita
Dec 31, 2012 4:00am PST
million. quentin tarantino's "django unchained" finished strong in second with more than $30 million and the musical "les miserables" came in at third place. if you don't have any plans for new year's eve, you can always go see a movie. >> i was going to say, you can't go wrong with that plan. >> quite a buffet. i have no plans. >> let's go, ashley. >> it's a date. i'll buy the popcorn. >> thanks. i'll get the tickets. ashley morrison here in new york. thank you is so much. >>> up next, your monday morning weather. and rg3 and the redskins crush the playoff dreams. [ dog barking ] ♪ [ female announcer ] life is full of little tests, but your basic paper towel can handle them. especially if that towel is bounty basic. the towel that's durable, and scrubbable. in this lab demo, bounty basic is stronger than the leading bargain brand. everyday life? bring it with bounty basic. the strong but affordable picker-upper... now costs even less. the strong but affordable picker-upper... ( ♪ ) for those nights when it's more than a bad dream, be ready. for the days when you get a sudden cal
Dec 29, 2012 9:00am PST
. >>> the new movie by quentin tarantino, "django unchained," why does spikes lee say he is not going to see that movie? this is "weekends with alex witt." [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >>> new winter storm hitting the northeast. snow hitting new york. we'll have an update from the weather channel in our next hour. quentin tarantino's new movie "django unchained" follows a slave turned bounty hunter in a bloody search for his wife in the antebellum south. >> how do you like the bounty hunting business? >> kill white folks and they pay for it? what's not to like? >> i like the way you die, boy. >> it is a rambunctious sword. >> christopher -- excuse me, chris witherspoon is the entertainment ed for for the grill joins me now. a couple of people have questions about the movie. one person in particular took issue. let's listen to his old nemesis, tarantino's old nemesis spike lee
Dec 24, 2012 8:00pm PST
? >> with all of the fholiday rushing, this is the preview of the new releases. in a quentin tarantino is taking a movie goers to the deep south. this is a starring leonardo to capriole, and also it is stars samuel l. jackson, and carol washington. >> they the literary classic, is transformed once again onto the big screen with post revolutionary france, " le miserable' with hugh jackman and anne hathaway and rusell crowe and 21st century kid in parental guidance with bette midler and billy crystal and sometime sthe grandparents know best... take a look did this wisconsin police officer he was in the right place at the right time. we are going to play this for a couple of times and you can see that yellow shopping cart. it was headed towards a traffic. the officer was on patrol, there is that little bully. he saw the shopping cart as it was just a few feet. that is that little -- bowi 40 as wee that mother was supporting a child into cart and the other child got away. the police was able to stop the child. police was able to stop the child. >> sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go ge
Dec 25, 2012 4:00am PST
". >> quentin tarantino takes movie goers to the deep south. samuel jackson, jamie foxx, and leonardo di, a reapickup realeonardo leonardodo and les miserbles stars anne hathaway, hugh jackman, rated pg13. and parental guidance' is with bette midler and billy crystal... >> still ahead, will speak about michelle obama, hollywood and new year's eve. spread it with kron 4, the biggest fireworks and the best celebrations hosted by sports director, gary radnich and catherine heenan. >> pope benedict to the verge of the christmas message to the world. purging the palestinians to negotiate with israel also celebrating the mass at st. peter's basilica in vatican city. >> the church of nativity in bethlehem also lining up with christians believe is where jesus was born it is located in the west bay in the middle east. >> children are trying to find out michelle obama. she was speaking to children. norad tracks and monitors santa's path... jack klugman dies and your snow holiday forecast.
Dec 26, 2012 6:00am PST
andclinton tarantino die unchain and a musical light as a route which opened yesterday are expected to help 2012 and not a high note. does the customs and is expecting it again and we did it that confirmed it. 9656 right now yesterday was rainy and ugly, today not so much. we have breezy wet rather but said thursday the sun comes back and we have left over showers lingering into the weekend. sunday looks to be a little clearer and the work week i can't cut the workweek we have new year's next week. nationwide weather, there are it storms walloping the various areas. it is very busy at s f of dropping off luggage in giving hugs. i just these, sorry about that. little rock arkansas is against the honor national map has a eight storm across the nation. we will be right back.
Dec 24, 2012 6:00am PST
january 2nd. >>> jamie foxx stars in the new quentin tarantino movie ""djang unchained," a violent movie. but after the sandy hook shooting, he said this. >> it tears you up. we have to do something. i think now i feel that everyone is really pulling together, and we have to make some serious change. >> that something may or may not include a serious discussion of violence in movies. foxx told monsters and critics, "we cannot turn our back and say that violence in films or anything that we do doesn't have a sort of influence, it does." but foxx's co-star samuel l. jackson doesn't see it that way. >> i don't think one has anything to do with the other. this is a western, and it's a period piece about slavery. america has a violent past. one thing has nothing to do with the other. that's definitely not life imitating art. >> it's art imitating life although we tend not to glorify it. to help stop gun violence. talk back today. should hollywood rethink violent movies? your comments later this hour. >>> he has blood on his hands. shame on the nra. >> one of the protest
FOX Business
Dec 26, 2012 11:00am EST
: the christmas movie box office cannot non-violent are rated westerns by quentin tarantino against a broadway musical based on a nineteenth century novel, was miserables and the musical won. universal's less miserables broken million dollar guarantees, tarantino break-in $15 million, the highest level christmas opening for and are rated film. elsewhere taylor swift is breaking up with stream music services. turn newest album read finished fifth week at number one but she refused to make it available on internet streaming services that the attendees her songs. other music acts may take notice. a great story in the wall street journal. an office building, number one times square, the bad news, it is mostly vacant. the good news is it brings in $23 million a year in ad revenue on its digital billboard for duncan doughnuts, sony and others, it is worth $500 million up almost 5fold in 15 years. shibani: your tenants are not paying anything and you pay your rent. dennis: more of that and the government housing bailout makes it bigger. the white house is quietly backing a plan to help underwa
FOX News
Dec 21, 2012 10:00am PST
behavior. yet directors like quentin tarantino say so what. that is something that he and others peddling violence refuse to accept. >> we are spending tens of thousands of dollars lobbying in washington around the country to make sure they maintain the status quo. >> here in congress, what we need now are no more words. what we need is action. reporter: nancy pelosi is talking about guns and not those who glamorize them on the screen. yet, who has more influence on capitol hill? since 1998, the nra contributed $60 million to political candidates. compared to 40 million from the top five studios. heavyweight fundraisers like leonardo dicaprio and george clooney. >> they think that debt from hollywood would prevent them from taking regulatory authority. reporter: any movie with a murder scene gets raided. >> when it is in self-defense, that should be a r-rated movie. reporter: and the aurora, colorado, shooting, the gunman was mimicking the joker from the dark knight rises. even with movie violence known as spotlight, critics say don't expect a hollywood ending. >> there is a fear of confr
Dec 13, 2012 7:00am PST
," ang lee, "life of pi," steven spielberg, "lincoln," quintin tarantino, "django unchained." best motion picture drama, "argo," "django unchained," "life of pi," "lincoln," "zero dark thirty." >> congratulations to all our nominees and to all the producers of this year's movies and television. >> so, ken, surprised? >> well, i was certainly wrong about "the master," but on the other hand, "lincoln" and "zero dark thirty" got a lot of nominations. it's a very good year for maggie smith, who got nominated both in the tv category for "down in abbey aid and for the movie category for "the quartet." so great for her. >> and snubs? >> snubs? i thought "beast of the southern wild" might have gotten a nomination. >> a lot of people liked that. >> i thought "flight" would have gotten more nominations with denzel washington, but "django unchained" -- >> quintin tarantino. >> got a lot of nominations. >> but jaimo fox, the lead character, was not is that considered -- he is django. >> yeah. it could be considered snubbed, but when you look at the nominations of daniel day-lewis, joaquin phoenix, jo
Dec 26, 2012 7:00am PST
, and the twilight saga: breaking down part 2 help keep revenue afloat. quentin tarantino's django unchained and a musical and les mi serables both which opened yesterday are expected to help 2012 go higher. >> 101 looks like it is wet. we will be right back. >> and minutes before 8:00 a.m.. the top stories that we are following is the day after christmas. if this is a big travel day for people that are leaving the bay area after they visited their friends and family. if there is knowing other places that may slow down your return home. >> there is not a lot rain as it was the other day. >> we do have various with showers and we're starting with storm tracker 4 to show you where they are. we will soon will receive a yellow on the screen. we do have moderate to heavy rain right now. these are fast moving and they will not last very long. we are looking at moderate showers for this location. you would deftly the to bring your umbrellas. the rain will not be widespread. here is a look at the south bay in sunnyvale and cupertino. heading to morgan hill they're also looking at what weather. tempe
Dec 31, 2012 7:00am EST
. but the second place finisher was a surprise. quentin tarantino's latest "django unchained" was a winner, audiences lined up to see it, helping bring home $31 million in its debut. the western thriller features jamie fox as a former slave turned bounty hunter. and then there was the answer to so many broadway fans' dreams. ♪ from what it seems >> the big screen adaptation of "les miserables" had an all-star cast that helped it finish third. capping off a record-setting year, hollywood earned an impressive $10.8 billion in 2012, up 6% from last year that reverse d a three-year trend of lower returns. >> in 2012, we had the perfect storm of movies. just the right combination of films, comedies, action movies, sci-fi and it all played out very well for hollywood. >> i volunteer as tribute. >> like "the hunger game" and twilight's "breaking dawn" become big hit. >> bond. james bond. >> and three movies joined the billion dollar club, "skyfall," "the avengers" and there were some duds. but in the end hollywood got what it wanted, a hollywood ending at the box office. if 2012 is the best eve
Dec 20, 2012 6:00pm PST
to be a digression delaying tactic. >> quintin tarantino said it was a ridiculous argument that mo e movies influence real life. >> i don't know the answer to that. i look at it differently. i wonder if -- people talk about, these depictions of violence have made the world a worse place. i just ask myself the question, has mary poppins made the world a better place? where's the data on that? i'm not being glib when i say that, i mean it. have all the happy movies made this a better planet? how do we quantify this stuff. >> "the sopranos" when it came to an end, what were your honest feelings? >> i was very happy, i was relieved, i was really tired of it. i was having a good time, but i was tired and tired of it. it took a while, but i began to miss it. py began to miss the social aspect of it. going to work every day. what used to annoy me about it, what with ai started to miss. why do we have the same meetings every week why do we have to talk about the same problems every week? >> did you hope to have a legacy? >> here's all i remember coherently, is that there's this elvis costello song
Dec 27, 2012 5:00pm PST
tarantino. veamos. >>> hug jackman ofrecen una magnifica actuaciÓn junto a otros actores. convertido en un hombre de bien pone bajo sa protecciÓn a coset, hija de la fallecida fantine, y la vida de ambos cambian. >>> sÉ que tienes experiencia en el teatro, pero quÉ difÍcil es hacer un musical donde tengas que tener todos estos sentimientos. >>> hug dice que requiere mucha practica, hay una lÍnea fina donde abrirte a las emociones o llorar, no puedes prepararte para la escena. tom se sentaba al lado mÍo y nos acostumbramos para actuar. >>> es el papel de tu vida. >>> nos dice que debemos esperar a quiÉn nominan primero. >>> te preparaste mucho para la parte vocal. >>> creo que sin darme cuenta me prepare toda la vida, se me presentaron todas estas oportunidades, iba con mi profesora de canto, y cuando consegui este papel quÉ bien que tome todas estas deciones cuando estaba en mis 20. >>> y no estaba nada grabado, mientras que iban iban grabando la voz. >>> los musicales son diferentes a esto. normalmente grabas la mÚsica meses antes de entrar al set y tienen que aferrarte a eso, es
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